Check out this sweet time lapse video of our flowers.  The video was taken in a beautiful meadow near Lake Tahoe, California in mid May.  The video spans from about 8am to 8pm and is condensed into less than two minutes.  Watch the flowers react to the cloud's shadows.  Music is courtesy of Iemanjo, and is available for purchase at

Here is a slow motion video of a flower on fire!  The flower is first doused with gasoline and lit on fire, causing it to quickly open.  The flower is then extinguished with cold water.  The slow motion video captures tons of cool dynamics during this process.

Here is an older time lapse video of our flowers.  This patch of flowers was placed in a heavily wooded area near Idyllwild, CA.  The video is neat because you can see the flowers react to the tree's shadows.

Bimetal Creations flowers in Idyllwild, CA

This time lapse video captured our company image!

Bimetal Creations flowers in Lafayette, CA