Bimetal Flower, from $39
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A welcome addition to any garden or enchanting all on their own, these floral sculptures interact with their environment as petals open and close reacting to temperatures changes.  These flowers are great for a drought resistant garden! Individual petals are copper and powder-coated in your choice of available colors.

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 How they work

When a bimetal strip is formed into the shape of a coil, the bending motion accumulates along the entire coil, causing it to unwind as the temperature increases. Each flower petal is attached to the stem by a bimetal coil which, as the environmental temperature increases, unwinds and causes the flower to "bloom" in front of your eyes.

Available Colors

Assembly Instructions 

When you receive your flower in the mail, you will receive two parts.  The first part is the stem, the second part is the flower.  To assemble, simply put the flower into the stem as shown below.   You don't need to be ninja strong.  Just push down on the center of the flower like it was a thumb tack.  You just need to develop enough friction between the flower and the stem to hold it in place.  Once it's out in your garden, gravity and friction will be in your favor and keep your flower assembled.

Temperature Range Adjustment

If you are brave enough to embark on adjusting the operating temperature regime of your flower (i.e. the temperature at which it is fully open and fully closed), then follow the instructions below.  You'll first need to remove all flower petals from the flower.  Taking them off is easy.  Putting them back on can be challenging, but after doing it about 4,000 times it becomes trivial!