It all started when an engineer wanted to make an original gift for his mother. At bimetalCREATIONS we're all about nerdy creativity.

I am fascinated with understanding how things work. I involuntarily evaluate everything I interact with and lose sleep thinking of how and why they exist and work, and if they can be improved. I have a passion for creation and love building things from scratch. Throughout my life I have lost sleep over hundreds of dreams of new, and innovative ideas, only to later find out that someone has already created it. Bimetal art is the first of these that I truly believe has not been pursued, and is not currently available. I hope that I am offering products which are unique and beautiful, and can be enjoyed by all.

Everything you see on this website is 100% hand made, by me, right here in Walnut Creek, California. All my materials come from US companies!

-Gregory Mathy.