Passively powered thermal art

Bimetal Creations offers uniquely engineered thermal artwork. Our artwork is powered purely by temperature change - that means no batteries, motors or solar panels! The mechanism behind the motion is thermal expansion. A bimetal strip is formed by fusing two different metals together which, as the temperature changes, expand at different rates. Since the metals are fused together, the strip bends to accommodate the disparity in thermal expansion.

news & events

9/17/2011 - Bimetal Creations goes to the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival Thank you to all who purchased a flower!
4/9/2011 - Bimetal Creations goes to the Green Festival Come check us out in San Francisco in early April.
1/3/2011 - Bimetal Creations launches a new website, New pictures, videos and an improved Paypal interface for flower orders.
10/22/2010 - Bimetal Creations makes public debut at the Del Mar Harvest Festival
4/09/2010 - First flower sale